Analysis of the Learning Mode of the Elaborate Resource Sharing Course


  • Ken Cai
  • Yingying Jin
  • Hongwei Yue
  • Haoran Huang



Educational informatization and networking have become inevitable because of the major changes in the course content system and teaching modes. Examining the status of elaborate resource sharing course (ERSC) construction and analyzing the sharing and application of educational resources are vital. Through the comparative analysis of foreign open classes and domestic resource sharing courses, this paper puts forward recommendations for the sharing of resources and communication between teachers and students in the construction of an ERSC. Positive interactions between teachers and students can be promoted in network-based teaching using the WeChat public platform to build a virtual learning environment. Then, this paper analyzes the effect of the intellectual property right protection of network teaching on open educational resources and proposes countermeasures. Results show that the WeChat teaching technology and the cited standards for the public educational resources can improve learning efficiency. These conclusions can also serve as reference in promoting the sustainable development of ERSC.




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Cai, K., Jin, Y., Yue, H., & Huang, H. (2016). Analysis of the Learning Mode of the Elaborate Resource Sharing Course. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 11(09), pp. 66–70.



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