An Online Learning System Based on Panoramic Technology for Sport Psychology


  • Wenxin Xu Fujian Normal University
  • Jiwei Yao Hunan University of Science and Technology



Panoramic mode, online learning system, Sport Psychology, teaching


Traditional teaching mode cannot meet the learning needs of students. Online learning technology is increasingly accepted and has gradually become an important teaching mode. However, most online learning systems cannot achieve the panoramic effect. Moreover, students cannot be personally on the scene, such that it is difficult for them to focus. Particularly, some abstract course contents cannot be well expounded, which results in low learning efficiency. Thus, this study constructed an online learning system based on panoramic technology for sport psychology. This system synchronously performs explanation process, voice, and course data. This system can also reach the teaching purpose of panoramic simulation of a real classroom. In addition, this system has strong applicability. The experiment proves that students who learn with this system improve significantly in terms of course interest, theoretical knowledge understanding and wish, and practical application.




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Xu, W., & Yao, J. (2016). An Online Learning System Based on Panoramic Technology for Sport Psychology. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 11(09), pp. 20–24.