Design and Implementation of Webpage Addition Technology in Aerobics Courses


  • Yingying Zheng Wenzhou University



modern information technology, webpage addition technology, aerobics course, animation


The rapid development of modern information technology facilitates the reform and innovation of college teaching. A series of technologies, including webpage addition technology, can meet the requirement of aerobics and other shape-related teaching for animation display. Thus, webpage addition technology is a new viewpoint in the education modernization process. The combination of webpage addition technology and Aerobics courses will provide help for Aerobics teaching. Starting from teaching features and the website learning status of Aerobics courses, this paper carried out an application design for webpage addition design. Then, an Aerobics course served as an experimental course. The control experiment method was applied to explore the application practice of webpage addition technology in the control experiment. Furthermore, this paper conducted contrastive analysis on the teaching effect difference with and without webpage addition technology, and drew some conclusions, in the hope of offering reference for combining webpage addition technology with Aerobics courses.




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Zheng, Y. (2016). Design and Implementation of Webpage Addition Technology in Aerobics Courses. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 11(09), pp. 25–30.