Towards a Mobile Education of the Sciences of Information in Morocco


  • Boubker Sbihi Ecole des Sciences de l'Information
  • Siham El Jazouli Ecole des sciences de l'Information



m-learning, information science, questionnaire, training needs, Morocco


This article aims to identify learning needs and continuing learning in information science at the ESI (Ecole des Sciences de lâ??Information which is the only school in Morocco which purpose is to ensure good training of librarians, archivists and librarians). The first objective is to identify and understand the problems and obstacles faced by students at the school during their system of learning. Then, the present paper aims to identify and analyze the needs of professionals in the context of continuing learning. To achieve the objectives set, we have relied on the method of â??investigation on the groundâ?? as the most research method used for data collection. Besides, in order to make optimal use of new technologies, gain time and reduce the cost, we opted for the use of electronic questionnaire administrated, through the Internet, directly to students and professionals in the Information & Documentation (I&D).In addition to the questionnaire, and to deepen understanding of the data collected, ongoing discussions with them have been scheduled. Finally, to meet the needs already identified, we intend to propose a strategy of learning to implement based on distance learning and teaching mobile.




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Sbihi, B., & El Jazouli, S. (2008). Towards a Mobile Education of the Sciences of Information in Morocco. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 4(1), pp. 70–76.