Problems, Challenges and Benefits of Implementing E-learning in Nigerian Universities: An Empirical Study


  • Manir Abdullahi Kamba bayero Univerisity Kano



E- learning, Internet, Implementation and Nigeria


This paper tries to examine and discuss the problems, challenges and Benefits of implementing E-Learning in Nigeria by reviewing the consciousness and willingness of the selected Universities. This study also identifies the enabling factors, the traffic-jam and, forecasts the future growth of E-learning in Nigeria. Survey research method was adopted for the study, and questionnaire was the only instrument used for the data collection. The findings of the study show that out of the 18 universities selected from different specialization areas, i.e three universities from each Geopolitical zone, only 12 responded with usable answers. The response rate was 67%, which is an expected rate for such surveys. Awareness of e-learning among the Universities is very high but investment and commitment to develop an e-learning application is very poor and below expectation according to the study. Most of the staff and students in the universities only use Internet related e- learning site just for the sake of finding related information for their researches, since their libraries cannot afford to provide them with adequate and current materials but not for the sake of real online learning. The study also found out that some of the universities have web page and others are in the trend of creating a web page, which is usually for advertisement of the universities but not for the e-leaning activities. Furthermore, the findings also reveal that staff and the students have also been using e-mail and Internet in addition to developing web pages for transaction of students. The Universities are planning to invest number of funds in future in the selected areas of the e-learning application. The Statistical analysis result shows that there are significant differences across both forms of e-learning activities and type of universities in Nigeria.

Author Biography

Manir Abdullahi Kamba, bayero Univerisity Kano

Department of Library and Information Science,/ Graduate Assistant




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Kamba, M. A. (2008). Problems, Challenges and Benefits of Implementing E-learning in Nigerian Universities: An Empirical Study. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 4(1), pp. 66–69.