Investigation and Analysis of College Students' Cognition in Science and Technology Competitions


  • Hongwei Yue
  • Ken Cai
  • Yibin Yu
  • Yihong He
  • Yingying Jin



Science and technology competitions are an important platform to verify the use and improve the mastery of professional knowledge of college students. These competitions are also important in enhancing the comprehensive quality and ability of these students. To highlight the role of science and technology competitions in cultivating the comprehensive ability of undergraduates, this study designed questionnaires on college students’ cognition in science and technology competitions. In this study, the reliability of the questionnaire was tested and factor analysis method was used to explore the influencing factors of competition cognition under the premise of ensuring the reliability of the questionnaire. According to the results of the analysis, to enhance the training ability of students, positive interactions between teachers and students are promoted through a network-based contest using the WeChat public platform to build a virtual contest environment. Results show that the WeChat teaching platform can gradually improve students’ independent innovation ability. These conclusions are helpful to understand the participation situation and existing problems in such competitions, and to provide a useful reference on how to actualize the role of science and technology competitions.




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Yue, H., Cai, K., Yu, Y., He, Y., & Jin, Y. (2017). Investigation and Analysis of College Students’ Cognition in Science and Technology Competitions. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 12(07), pp. 146–157.