The Construction of Intelligent English Teaching Model Based on Artificial Intelligence


  • Xiaoguang Li Taiyuan University



Artificial intelligence, foreign language teaching, intelligent learning


In order to build a modernized tool platform that can help students improve their English learning efficiency according to their mastery of knowledge and personality, this paper develops an online intelligent English learning system that uses Java and artificial intelligence language Prolog as the software system. This system is a creative reflection of the thoughts of expert system in artificial intelligence. Established on the Struts Spring Hibernate lightweight JavaEE framework, the system modules are coupled with each other in a much lower degree, which is convenient to future function extension. Combined with the idea of expert system in artificial intelligence, the system developed appropriate learning strategies to help students double the learning effect with half the effort; Finally, the system takes into account the forgetting curve of memory, on which basis the knowledge that has been learned will be tested periodically, intending to spare students’ efforts to do a sea of exercises and obtain better learning results.

Author Biography

Xiaoguang Li, Taiyuan University

Xiaoguang Li is from Taiyuan University.




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Li, X. (2017). The Construction of Intelligent English Teaching Model Based on Artificial Intelligence. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 12(12), pp. 35–44.