Agent-based Individual Network Teaching System for Modern History Outline of China


  • Xianguo Jia Bengbu Medical College



Agent, network teaching system, Modern History outline of China, distance teaching


Individual distance teaching introduces individual services in traditional network teaching, overall considers learning conditions of students at different levels and the relevance of teaching contents so as to make the individual learning program for students in the learning process. Meanwhile, it provides students with the most matched teaching resources. At present, the common network teaching system has the problems of insufficient intelligence and lack of individuation. Agent-based individual network teaching system is an autonomous intelligence system with immediate feedback. It is provided with real-time monitoring and information filtering function as well as teaching analysis and collaborative learning function. Based on the study on Agent technology and current situation of network teaching, Agent-based individual network teaching system was constructed in this paper. The practical application effect of the network teaching system was analyzed by taking the course Modern History outline of China as the object of experiment. This paper provided theoretical and data support for the research on individual distance teaching and network teaching system so as to exploit the potential development direction of future network teaching.




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Jia, X. (2018). Agent-based Individual Network Teaching System for Modern History Outline of China. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 13(04), pp. 162–175.