Development of a Cloud-based Network Teaching Platform


  • Renshu Huang Xiamen Institute of Software Technology



Cloud computing, network course, network security


at present, teachers and students are unable to communicate with each other face to face directly in the network courses so that the teaching quality has been lowered. Meanwhile, the traditional non-linear editing teaching network is easy to delay the teaching task. In this article, we applied the innovative PBL (Problem Based Learning) teaching method and combined the teachers-students feedback technology for network teaching based on the cloud computing theory. Besides, all workstations were disk workstations to reduce the delay of teaching task. We constructed the platform with the personnel information module and the learning service module, of which the learning service module contains three main functions: teaching service resources management, online coaching, and assignment submission and correcting. The final results of the teaching effect test showed that the learning effect and learning interest of the students who used the PBL network teaching platform was superior to the students who didn't use this platform.




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Huang, R. (2018). Development of a Cloud-based Network Teaching Platform. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 13(04), pp. 176–186.