Training & Evaluation System of Intelligent Oral Phonics Based on Speech Recognition Technology


  • Zhaoxia Yin Foreign Languages CoIIege, Beihua University



speech recognition technology (SRT), oral English, pronunciation evaluation, pronunciation feedback


The majority of Chinese people are still bound up in "dumb" English today. The English learning software is ubiquitous in our lives, but most of them merely fo-cus on English literacy without pronunciation evaluation and corrective feedback enabled. How to improve the oral English learning efficiency and quality has more and more become a hotspot of people’s common concern. The maturity of Speech Recognition Technology (SRT) has kicked off a new mode of oral Eng-lish learning, which allows the learning software enable pronunciation evaluation and feedback function. This paper probes into the speech signal extraction and pattern matching in SRT. For the sake of ease learning, the Android mobile phone platform is introduced for learner whereby to propose a rating method based on Adaptive Parameters (AP), create a mouth shape correction, and design intelligent English oral phonics training and evaluation system. This paper de-scribes the system implementation process in detail and gives a test demonstration for the system's availability.

Author Biography

Zhaoxia Yin, Foreign Languages CoIIege, Beihua University

Zhaoxia Yin received the B.A. degree in English language teaching from Ji Lin Normal University, Siping, China, in 1992, and the M.A degree in foreign and applied linguistics from Beihua University in 2007. She is currently working toward the Ph. D. degree at Kyungnam University. Her research interests include language teaching, translation studies and practice.




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Yin, Z. (2018). Training & Evaluation System of Intelligent Oral Phonics Based on Speech Recognition Technology. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 13(04), pp. 45–57.