Implementation of a Blended Learning Model in Content- Based EFL Curriculum


  • Wen Yu
  • Xiaozhou Du



Blended Learning, Content-Based Instruction, Computer-Assisted Language Learning, English as a Foreign Language, Pedagogical Approach


Due to the tremendous advancements in technology, blended learning has become a focus in modern higher education which combines the online and face-to-face learning. Blended learning for English as foreign language (EFL) improves stu-dents’ listening and speaking proficiencies, but poses challenges from materials or content to the unity of online-learning and the face-to-face classroom. In this paper we propose a model which combines blended learning and content-based instruction (CBI), a pedagogical approach in language study to enhance both online and face to face learning, with a focus of collaborative and autonomous learning to ensure the achievement of learning outcomes. The evaluation results of a comparative study revealed the efficiency of the present model in which stu-dents performed and perceived better, which proved the benefits of EFL learning for listening and speaking proficiencies. These findings encourage further devel-opment of other blended learning options for EFL learning.




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Yu, W., & Du, X. (2019). Implementation of a Blended Learning Model in Content- Based EFL Curriculum. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 14(05), pp. 188–199.