The Application of Augmented Reality Visual Communication in Network Teaching


  • Qian Zhao Jiujiang University art institute, Jiangxi, 332000, China



augmented reality, interactive design, visual communication, user experience


In order to improve the effectiveness of online teaching, visual communica-tion of augmented reality technology was applied. Network teaching was an auxiliary teaching form that used the network as a medium to carry out teaching information transmission. It was an extension of classroom teaching and an organic integration of information and technology and art. The visual effect of the online teaching interface directly affected the quality of teach-ing information delivery. Based on augmented reality technology, the re-search, analysis and analysis of interactive interface design content, process-es and principles were carried out in terms of human-computer interaction, user experience, and visual communication. Augmented reality based visual interaction interface design methods were summarized. The results showed that visual communication based on augmented reality could provide a new form of teaching demonstration and enrich the content of classroom teach-ing. To sum up, this method improves the students’ participation and enthu-siasm, and enhances the teaching effect.




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Zhao, Q. (2018). The Application of Augmented Reality Visual Communication in Network Teaching. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 13(07), pp. 57–70.