Mobile English Teaching System Based on Adaptive Algorithm


  • Xing Zhao College of foreign languages, Baoji University of arts and sciences, Baoji, China



Self-adaptive, English learning, mobile English teaching, XAHM


To improve the students’ individualized and autonomous learning ability in English teaching, a mobile English learning system is designed on the basis of adaptive algorithm. The students’ need for the adaptive mobile English teaching system is analyzed through researches on students and questionnaires. According to the needs analysis, the main functional modules of the adaptive mobile English learning system are designed, including the creation module, personalized learning module, evaluation and feedback module, and management module. Then, the improved XAHM (XML adaptive hypermedia model) is applied to the mobile English learning system. The three-layer architecture of the English mobile learning system is revised into four layers of composition layer, data layer, business logic layer and presentation layer. At the same time, more attention is diverted to the terminal and the situation. Finally, the system is tested. The test results showed that the mobile English learning system realized the self-adaptive and intelligent navigation of learning space in the course of teaching. It is concluded that the new adaptive algorithm had a good performance for college English learning.




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Zhao, X. (2018). Mobile English Teaching System Based on Adaptive Algorithm. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 13(08), pp. 64–77.