Expertise in the Selection of Electronic Educational Resources – Conceptual Vision


  • Nikolay Tsankov Souh-West University
  • Ivo Damyanov South-West University



digital competency, electronic educational resources, selection and experts’ knowledge


The current stage of training of pedagogical specialists is associated with the search for opportunities for the continuous development of their digital competences. It is viewed as a dynamic system that integrates the constantly expanding set of competencies given the dynamic development of information and communication technologies and the requirements for training in a digital environment. The main component (competency) in the digital competency profile of pedagogical specialists is the expertise in the selection and combination of electronic educational resources for the creation of a dynamic technologically enriched digital environment, which guarantees higher quality of education and consequently – higher educational results. This article presents an author's system of criteria and indicators as a conceptual vision for expert evaluation of electronic educational resources, which can be enriched and expanded in a technological and methodological context.

Author Biography

Nikolay Tsankov, Souh-West University

Associate professor at the Department of Pedagogy, Faculty of Pedagogy




How to Cite

Tsankov, N., & Damyanov, I. (2019). Expertise in the Selection of Electronic Educational Resources – Conceptual Vision. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 14(07), pp. 216–225.



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