Visualization Teaching of Deformation Monitoring and Data Processing based on MATLAB


  • Ning Gao



As one of the core professional courses for students majoring in surveying and mapping engineering, deformation monitoring is characterized by strong theories, numerous mathematical formulas, and complicated calculation. Task-driving teaching method in the form of traditional classroom has poor effects due to the one-way learning and strategy. To meet the needs of modern teaching, matrix laboratory (MATLAB) and deformation monitoring teaching are combined in this study. This work first identified the aspects of concepts, principles, and data to visualize boring data and abstract principles through simulation and concepts that are difficult to be understood and establishment of animation models to realize the visualization expression of deformation monitoring data preprocessing, deformation monitoring network adjustment, deformation prediction, and engineering application. A total of 114 students majoring in surveying and mapping engineering in Henan University of Urban Construction during 2014 are selected as test subjects to explore and demonstrate visualization teaching of deformation monitoring. Results show that the visualization teaching of deformation monitoring based on MATLAB enhances the integrity, coherence, and practicability of the course. It also improves students' interest in learning, deepens their understanding on learned knowledge, improves teaching quality, and provides a new way for the teaching mode reform of other courses of the surveying and mapping engineering specialty.




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Gao, N. (2019). Visualization Teaching of Deformation Monitoring and Data Processing based on MATLAB. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 14(02), pp. 42–53.