Professional Work of Computer Science Students and their Academic Achievements – Imagination vs. Reality

Marek Milosz, Elzbieta Milosz


Due to the rapid development of Information Technology in the EU and throughout the world, there is a lack of Computer Science specialists. This lack deepens due to the inability to educate an adequate number of graduates by universities. This phenomenon causes students of computer science to be sought and employed by companies. This may have a negative impact on the academic achievements of these students. The paper presents the results of questionnaire surveys of Computer Science students at all levels and years of study. The study was conducted over two consecutive years. The article presents the research methodology and comparative analysis of their results. On this basis, a deeper analysis of the data contained in the questionnaires was made to verify the reality of students' perceptions about the impact of their employment on their academic achievements. The self-assessment of the impact of employment on the study process by freshmen and other students was also compared.


students’ employment; academic achievements

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International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy (iJEP) – ISSN: 2192-4880
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