A Roadmap to the Development of Key Competencies of Engineering and Technology Graduates


  • Arwa Y. Aleryani Saba University
  • Abdullatif A. AlMunifi Sana'a University/ Yemen Qassim University/ Saudi Arabia




Pedagogical landscape, teaching and learning strategies, intended competency skills, changing labor market


The world of employment is impacted by major trends that are imposed by the on-going industrial advances. The changing labor market and the future of work calls for a paradigm shift in teaching and learning to equip graduates with compe-tencies they need for current and future jobs, and in particular, those of the engi-neering and technology programs. The purpose of this study is to discuss previ-ous work in the subject matter, to outline a set of teaching and learning strategies, and to create a roadmap for main players to work through to arm graduates with the intended competencies skills. To achieve this objective an extensive literature review was carried out to identify what teaching and learning strategies are cur-rently in-place, and what skills are anticipated. However, still, the education insti-tutions not been able to provide the workplace with competent graduates. A pro-posed set of intended competencies skills along with teaching and learning strate-gies for properly preparing future engineering and technology graduates was de-veloped; and a roadmap was built to show the roles of college administration, professors and students to ensure an effective way to support students gaining these skills. It is recommended that these sets of strategies including the facilita-tion of the roles of the main players to be incorporated in the educational pro-grams learning outcomes.




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Aleryani, A. Y., & AlMunifi, A. A. (2019). A Roadmap to the Development of Key Competencies of Engineering and Technology Graduates. International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy (iJEP), 9(5), pp. 75–88. https://doi.org/10.3991/ijep.v9i5.11094