Massive Open Online Courses Model with Self-directed Learning to Enhance Digital Literacy Skills

Pinanta Chatwattana


The massive open online courses model with self-directed learning was developed by the researcher as a tool to promote learning out-side the classroom for the learners in digital age. The concept is based on the combination of new technologies and teaching methods with an attempt to create new ideas and innovations that can promote learning for the modern learners, and meanwhile can directly respond to their learning experiences. Thereby, the instructors are responsible for organizing the environment and creating teaching materials appropriate for the learners by making use of existing technology, which can lead to learning society in digital universities. In reference to the development of this research, the researcher has applied the new principles, the new concepts, the new theories and the new teaching
innovations of the Era 4.0 in order to respond to and accommodate the cur-rent situations of learning in order that they can learn by their own any-where and anytime. The objectives of these learning styles are to encourage the learners to have self-learning experiences, skills, and capability to set up learning plans and evaluate their learning by themselves, with the aid of instructional activities to promote their learning and mutual interaction through the social networks.


massive open online courses; self-directed learning; digital literacy skills; digital university

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International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy (iJEP) – eISSN: 2192-4880
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