On-professional Competences in Engineering Education for XL-Classes


  • Stefan Schröder Center for Learning and Knowledge Management (ZLW) Technologiezentrum am Europaplatz Dennewartstr. 27 52068 Aachen Germany
  • Daniela Janssen Center for Learning and Knowledge Management (ZLW)
  • Ingo Leisten
  • René Vossen Assoc. Institute for Management Cybernetics e.V. (IfU)
  • Ingrid Isenhardt Center for Learning and Knowledge Management (ZLW)




engineering education, audience response system, on-professional competences, best-practice


Far reaching changes in university higher education have taken place in the last ten years. Different factors, e.g. necessity of on-professional competences in engineering education, rising or vast student numbers and new technical possibilities, have influenced the academic teaching and learning process. Therefore interdependence between requirements and didactical-educational possibilities is given. Because of changed circumstances an adaption of teaching methods and concepts is required. At the same time Bologna arrogates students to be placed in the centre of the teaching and learning process and claims on-professional competences for today's students. Especially for XL-Classes this is a specific challenge. One of the questions ensuing is how to increase learning success by the use of specific didactical methods? With a research approach connecting different proven didactical concepts and considering the previously shown conditions, the concept of the lecture ?communication and organizational development (KOE) at RWTH Aachen University has been redesigned. This lecture, organized by the Institute Cluster IMA/ZLW & IfU at RWTH Aachen University, is mainly frequented by up to nearly 1.300 students of the faculty of mechanical engineering and inherent part of the bachelor-curriculum. The following practical example prospects the multi-angulation of didactical concepts and shows up innovative educational teaching.




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Schröder, S., Janssen, D., Leisten, I., Vossen, R., & Isenhardt, I. (2014). On-professional Competences in Engineering Education for XL-Classes. International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy (iJEP), 4(3), pp. 18–23. https://doi.org/10.3991/ijep.v4i3.3339