Assessing Self-Regulation of Learning Dimensions in a Stand-alone MOOC Platform

Daniel Friday Owoichoche Onah, Jane E Sinclair


A capacity for self-regulated learning (SRL) has long been recognised as an important factor in successful studies. Although educational researchers have started to investigate the concept of SRL in the context of online education, very little is yet known about SRL in relation to massive open online courses (MOOCs) or of appropriate strategies to foster SRL skills in MOOC learners. Self-regulation is particularly important in a MOOC-based study, which demands effective independent learning, and where widely acknowledged high dropout rates are observed. This study reports an investigation and assessment of the concept of SRL using a novel MOOC platform (eLDa) by providing study options (either via a self-directed learning or instructor-led learning) using a novel learning tool. In view of this, the research presents general description of self-regulated learning and explored the various existing dimensions used to expose the learners SRL skills. Drawing comparison of the online tool, the results and findings of the data were analysed. The study dis¬cusses how the various dimensions contributed to the knowledge representation of the self-regulated learning abilities shown by the learners. We present how these SRL dimensions captured using the measuring instrument contributes to our growing understanding of the distinctive features of the individual learner’s self-regulated learning. MOOCs success required a high performance of self-regulated learning abilities which at the moment very little has shown these degree of supporting SRL skills. This paper presents preliminary evaluation of a novel e-learning tool known, as ‘eLDa’ developed to implement this investi¬gation of self-regulation of learning. The research applied a modified online self-regulated learning questionnaire (OSLQ) as the instrument to measure the SRL skills. The modified questionnaire known as MOOC OSLQ (MOSLQ) was developed with a 19-item scale questions that exposes the six SRL dimensions used in this study.


self-regulated learning; self-directed learning; instructor-led learning; learning patterns; learning modes; MOOCs

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International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy (iJEP) – eISSN: 2192-4880
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