Developing an Industrial Engineering Study Plan Using ISM Approach


  • Murad Andejany University of Jeddah
  • Ahmad Elshennawy University of Central Florida
  • Mohammed Darwish Kuwait University
  • Haitham Bahaitham King Abdulaziz University University of Jeddah



ISM, Interpretive Structural Modeling, IMSE


Recently, engineering graduates who acquired different skills, as well as leadership capabilities, are very much demanded to maintain high-level innovation, dealing with emerging technologies, and fulfilling the various needs of the public. Consequently, it is necessary that academicians in engineering programs develop appropriate curricula to achieve excellence in engineering education. Being accredited from the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) is an indication that an academic program has fulfilled international standards in engineering education. The main element in ABET evaluation process is Student Outcomes (SOs) as they incorporate several capabilities and skills expected by stakeholders such as employers. In this study, we used Interpretive Structural Modeling technique (ISM), which is a soft operational research technique, to prioritize SOs and develop a precise study plan for the Industrial Engineering program at Department of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering (IMSE) at Kuwait University (KU). This plan showed an intelligible depiction of the relationships between the SOs and a clear direction on how to merge them within the engineering study plan. For data collection, surveys were developed and conducted to faculty members at IMSE Department at KU in addition to a set of employers within the country. The results indicated that ISM model facilitates a clear understanding of the relationships among SOs within the Industrial Engineering study plan at IMSE at KU. In addition, it recommended that students should understand the professional and ethical responsibilities at early stages of the study plan and that should be followed by training them on effective communication techniques.




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Andejany, M., Elshennawy, A., Darwish, M., & Bahaitham, H. (2019). Developing an Industrial Engineering Study Plan Using ISM Approach. International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy (iJEP), 9(3), pp. 20–32.