Illustration Design Teaching Mode Based on Virtual Wall Painting Technology


  • Lingling Zhang



With rapid development of 3D virtual scene, virtual reality (VR) technology starts to be applied in teaching practice. Because of its conception and innovation, VR technology has certain advantage in art creation learning and teaching. In traditional art course teaching, theoretical knowledge is more than design practice, and the depth of design cases is insufficient. Thus, students lack driving force of art creation. On this basis, wall painting technology and VR technology were combined and applied in the course of Illustration Design in this paper. According to the course requirement of Illustration Design – many design cases, Illustration Design teaching mode based on virtual wall painting technology was constructed. The study result showed that, students more approved the new teaching mode, their interest improved greatly and teaching efficiency boosted significantly. The teaching mode can make up for defects of traditional art design teaching mode and contributes to cultivating students’ art creation ability.




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Zhang, L. (2019). Illustration Design Teaching Mode Based on Virtual Wall Painting Technology. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 14(03), pp. 190–200.