Physical Education Motion Correction System Based on Virtual Reality Technology


  • Yongzhong Yang Yangtze Normal University
  • Lingfeng Meng Hebei Sport University



virtual reality, motion capture, physical education (PE), motion correction


Compared with traditional physical education (PE), the computer virtual digital-based education system is convenient and efficient, which can effectively solve the shortcomings of traditional teaching mode, and correct the PE motions in real time. Thus, the athletes can master the motion technical skills as soon as possible and the training effect can be improved. For this, based on computer virtual reality technology, this paper constructs a PE motion correction system. Then, through the analysis for real-time motion data and human movement posture, it achieves the training objective of real-time PE teaching motion correction under the three-dimensional visualization. This shall provide a scientific basis for the evaluation of PE teaching and training methods.

Author Biographies

Yongzhong Yang, Yangtze Normal University

Yongzhong Yang is a physical education teacher of Yangtze Normal University, was born in June 1981. He works in Fuling, Chongqing. He graduated from Beijing Sports University and was a postgraduate from Chongqing University. He is mainly engaged in traditional ethnic sports and commits himself to sports medicine research. He has published a paper in Beijing Spots University and two papers in Chinese core journals.

Lingfeng Meng, Hebei Sport University

Lingfeng Meng graduated from Hebei Normal University with master degree, has undertaken and participated in 3 province departmental level topics and published 3 core journal papers. The research field is physical education with the title of lecturer.




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Yang, Y., & Meng, L. (2019). Physical Education Motion Correction System Based on Virtual Reality Technology. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 14(13), pp. 105–116.