Application of Computer Technology in Aesthetic Education and Feature Analysis


  • Lina An Northeast Agricultural University



computer technology, aesthetic education, image aesthetics, education reform


The synergetic development of art and technology is a common trend for the development of aesthetics and computer technology, so it is imperative to introduce computer technology to aesthetic education in Chinese colleges. This paper reviews the problems and dilemma of college aesthetic education in China, and proposes to reform college aesthetic education by information technology. Focusing on image aesthetics, the author analyzes the image aesthetic features with computer algorithms, and demonstrates the superiority of computer algorithms in optimizing image and enhancing aesthetic beauty. The proposed method can overcome the dilemma of aesthetic education in Chinese colleges, and realizes preliminary informatization reform of college aesthetic education. The research findings have theoretical guiding significance for the modernization of aesthetic education in colleges and the comprehensive development of college students.

Author Biography

Lina An, Northeast Agricultural University

Lina An, graduated from art college of Harbin normal university, started work in 2006, lecturer of northeast agricultural university, choreographer of research direction,




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An, L. (2019). Application of Computer Technology in Aesthetic Education and Feature Analysis. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 14(14), pp. 46–56.