Comparing Efficiency of Web Based Learning Contents on Different Media


  • Julija Lapuh Bele
  • Joze Rugelj



multimedia learning, web-based learning, animations


The purpose of the research was to find out what kind of multimedia learning materials gave the most efficient and effective results with regards to learning time and knowledge gained. Different web based learning materials were used as regards presentation mode: static pictures, animations with online text and animations with narrated text. Although the research results showed that learners from WBL contents with static graphics learnt less time than learners from animations, we did not find significant differences in learning time between experimental groups. However, we proved significant differences between three experimental groups in terms of gained knowledge. The learners using learning materials with static graphics performed worse than learners using materials with animations. Furthermore, we did not prove significant differences in gained knowledge between groups that learnt from audio animations and the animations with online text.

Author Biographies

Julija Lapuh Bele

J. L. Bele is with the B2 Vocational College, Ljubljana, Slovenia (e-mail: julija.bele@

Joze Rugelj

J. Rugelj is with the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of education, Ljubljana, Slovenia (e-mail: joze.rugelj@




How to Cite

Lapuh Bele, J., & Rugelj, J. (2009). Comparing Efficiency of Web Based Learning Contents on Different Media. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 4(7), pp. 31–35.



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