A Sports Teaching Mode Based on Social Networking Service Teaching Resources


  • Xuelin Yang Taizhou Polytechnic College
  • Xiaojun Jiang
  • Li Rong
  • Zhe Xu




As today's ideal in regard to health globally goes deep, sports courses receive more and more attention. However, high-quality teaching resource scarcity exists in current PE teaching, thus affecting the teaching effect. In this study, a teaching mode based on Social Networking Service (SNS) teaching resources was designed. Firstly, SNS-based PE teaching network learning community was designed, and self-organized construction of teaching resources was achieved in the learning community, including network courseware, teaching knowledge points, common problems, cases and media materials, etc. Thus, the network teaching mode oriented to self-organization of teaching resources. To test the teaching effect of this new teaching mode, Tai Ji course was used for teaching practice. A kind of virtual software for Tai Ji teaching was used, and virtual 3D technology and multi-functional operating interface were applied to create a brand-new Tai Ji learning mode. The results show that the average score of the students who took the new Tai Ji course teaching mode is much higher than that of students with regular teaching, and the proportion of high score students is also higher, indicating that the teaching mode proposed in this study can significantly improve the teaching effect of Tai Ji course, and also provide a beneficial thought for constructing a new teaching mode for other courses.




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Yang, X., Jiang, X., Rong, L., & Xu, Z. (2020). A Sports Teaching Mode Based on Social Networking Service Teaching Resources. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 15(08), pp. 180–194. https://doi.org/10.3991/ijet.v15i08.13369