Gamification in Corporate Training to Enhance Engagement: An Approach


  • Saverio Iacono University of Genova - DIBRIS
  • Mario Vallarino University of Genova - DIBRIS
  • Gianni Viardo Vercelli University of Genova - DIBRIS



corporate training, gamification, engagement, e-learning, storytelling


Engagement in the companies' training programs is a crucial issue for their success. Every company faces the matter in different manners: some enterprises promote mandatory courses or programs; however, they may result not enough effective, due to a low level of motivation that can compromise learning and retention. Other enterprises prefer to adopt voluntary courses or programs, but in this case enrollment and completion depend on many factors: the time that workers can spend on training without compromising their main tasks; the directives of managers; the individual motivation. Another way to face corporate training may exploit gamification to enhance engagement. The authors present the design and implementation of a gamified course of office automation, developed for the employees of a large media company. Our approach attempts to go beyond the well-known triad point-badges-leaderboards, employing also a narrative, the Bartle's taxonomy of player types and the Self-determination theory by Deci and Ryan.

Author Biographies

Saverio Iacono, University of Genova - DIBRIS

S. Iacono is a PhD Student in Digital Humanities at the University of Genova, Italy. His research interests include extended reality, game-based learning and gamification.

Mario Vallarino, University of Genova - DIBRIS

M. Vallarino is research fellow at the University of Genova, Italy. His research interests include e-learning, MOOCs, gamification and virtual reality.

Gianni Viardo Vercelli, University of Genova - DIBRIS

G. Vercelli is Associate Professor of UNIGE, school of Engineering. He received a master’s degree in Electronic Engineering and a PhD in Informatics Engineering. He worked at the University of Trieste, Italy and founded TAU software house. His research interests include robotics, eLearning, medical simulation, drones and augmented reality.




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Iacono, S., Vallarino, M., & Vercelli, G. V. (2020). Gamification in Corporate Training to Enhance Engagement: An Approach. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 15(17), pp. 69–84.