Schema Interaction Visual Teaching Based on Smart Classroom Environment in Art Course


  • Guanyu He University of Science and Technology Liaoning



Art course, smart classroom, schemata interaction, Flanders Interaction Analysis System


With the progress and development of times and society, comprehensive art quality has become an indispensable part in the knowledge structure. As a required course in the education stage, art course is of great practical significance for improving the personality and intelligence. But, traditional teaching tends to cultural course. The structural design of art course is signal, and the learning efficiency is low. At present, art course is one of key courses in the course reform. Based on this, this study proposed a schema interaction visual teaching model based on smart classroom environment. Firstly, teaching design of concept map form, discussion between the teacher and students, notes taking area, knowledge structure tree, knowledge review and self-evaluation area were established. Meanwhile, smart cloud service technology was applied to collect, transmit and analyze the teaching data of concept maps so as to develop a set of individualized course learning resources. After the integration, the teaching design includes three stages: establishing the cognitive map, guiding conceptual cognition integration and evaluating learners’ transfer and application ability. In addition, multiple coding types of Flanders Interaction Analysis System were employed in this study, and the interaction between human and technology improved according to the smart classroom environment. In the meantime, codes 16-24 added were expressed, and the subsystem of art course teaching interaction formed. According to the teaching example of art course, the proposed teaching method can motivate students’ art potential and promote the development of their higher-order thinking ability, so it is accepted by both teachers and students.




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He, G. (2020). Schema Interaction Visual Teaching Based on Smart Classroom Environment in Art Course. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 15(17), pp. 252–267.