Attitudinal Disposition of Nigerian University Students toward Social Networking Sites


  • Suleiman Alhaji Ahmad academic



Social Networking Sites, Attitude, Facebook, Interactionism


Abstract- Internet has consolidated into a cohesive entity and amalgamated itself as a very powerful platform that has changed the way people do things. Social Networking Sites (SNSs) cannot be underestimated or jettison because no other communication medium which has given an international and globalized audience and dimension to the world like it. Facebook, Myspace, YouTube etc each of these and many other SNSs play a vital role on interaction and communication. The access to the internet for SNSs browsing is everywhere now. It is clearly established that even politicians, influential people, corporate managers, security agencies, lecturers, school administrators, and children are using SNSs thus students as well. Most SNSs are similar to each other there is commonality in their technical features. The study seeks to find out the level of studentsâ?? attitude towards SNSs usage in the selected northern Nigerian universities. Quantitatively it was found that Nigerian students have positive attitude towards the SNSs; and that there is no significant difference in terms of gender. However, differences were found significant in terms of faculties in the extent of studentsâ?? attitudes toward the SNSs usage.

Author Biography

Suleiman Alhaji Ahmad, academic

Post Doctoral Student College of Art and Cognitive Science. Department of Education (IT) Universiti Utara Malaysia (Northern University Malaysia)




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Ahmad, S. A. (2012). Attitudinal Disposition of Nigerian University Students toward Social Networking Sites. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 7(1), pp. 62–66.