Online Cooperative Teaching Mode Based on Self-Direction Theory in Method of Sport Science Research


  • Rongmei Chen Nanjing Sport Institute
  • Siyuan Chen Nanjing University Jinling College



Self-direction theory, online cooperation, fuzzy C mean, scientific research method


As an important indicator for measuring professional talents, the capacity for scientific research has received more and more attention. The course of Method of Sport Science Research can systematically teach students to learn the theory of scientific research, grasp professional method of scientific research and lay a foundation for cultivating scientific thought and scientific research ability of students of sports specialty. Based on the content characteristics and knowledge foundation of the course, students have not enjoyed this course very much and it has been difficult for them to understand. Besides, it is difficult to achieve good teaching effect because of poor mastery and application of knowledge after learning. On this basis, “12345” online learning mode based on self-direction theory was designed in this study. This process includes 1 thought, 2 mentalities, 3 dimensions, 4 levels and 5 steps. This theory was applied in the smart classroom of Method of Sport Science Research. The online cooperative teaching combined with network interaction technology and integrated with visual exchange technology was conducted. Besides, data analysis advantage of network platform was adopted to record the data of teacher-student interactions. Then, students’ learning was systematically understood through the interaction analysis. Finally, fuzzy C mean was integrated in the above teaching mode to conduct blended group research, implement targeted individual teaching of for Method of Sport Science Research and achieve the target interaction with students according to accuracy of big data analysis. The experimental results show that the teaching mode can fully mobilize students’ enthusiasm, stimulate their learning initiative and enhance learning efficiency.




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Chen, R., & Chen, S. (2020). Online Cooperative Teaching Mode Based on Self-Direction Theory in Method of Sport Science Research. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 15(22), pp. 24–38.