Computer Assisted Instruction System under Artificial Intelligence Technology


  • Jingjing Zhang Jingdezhen Ceramic University



artificial intelligence, computer assisted instruction, Java Server Pages, intelligent computer assisted instruction, teaching mode


In order to promote the development of intelligent teaching system, artificial intelligence technology is combined with computer assisted instruction (CAI) system to produce intelligent CAI (ICAI), and the design of ICAI is studied in order to facilitate the application and implementation of intelligent teaching system. First, there is an introduction of the basic concepts, related theories, and implementation principles of ICAI. Then, the requirements of ICAI are analyzed in detail on the basis of studying the relevant technologies required by ICAI, including the functional and non-functional requirements. The subsystem is set based on the different needs of the target users (administrator, teacher, and student users). Finally, the general and functional structure of ICAI are designed, and there are tests for the system functions. The results show that the system takes Java Server Pages (JSP) as the development language, Struts2 as the technical framework, and SQL Server 2008 as the back-end database, which realizes a teaching platform mainly for teachers, students, and administrators. After testing, the overall operation of the system is good, and the functional test results of the login module, homework release, and learning resource upload meet the software design requirements. The response time of the system prolongs, the number of users who can’t successfully log in grows, and the utilization of server central procession unit (CPU) and memory utilization both increase, which are caused by the increasing number of concurrent users. The results indicate that the combination of CAI and artificial intelligence (AI) technology can meet students’ online teaching demands, break the time-space limitation of traditional teaching, and provide important reference value for the reform of teaching mode and the improvement of teaching quality




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Zhang, J. (2021). Computer Assisted Instruction System under Artificial Intelligence Technology. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 16(05), pp. 4–16.