Blended Learning of Management Courses Based on Learning Behavior Analysis


  • Yang Liu Chongqing Technology & Business Institute



The development of information and network technologies fundamentally changes the life, learning, and mindset of students. Teaching informatization is a key content of modern education, and the main direction of teaching reform. In this context, blended learning becomes the inevitable trend of teaching form development. Currently, the teaching of management courses in China faces several problems: the lack of overall planning of teaching design and organization, the low learning interest among students, and the failure of cultivating students’ comprehensive quality. To improve the teaching effect of management courses, this paper carries out a questionnaire survey on the learning behaviors of college students and their needs for blended learning. The survey results show that: the students are not accustomed to pre-class preview and after-class review; most students have the awareness and ability to solve problems with online information; most students are willing to accept blended learning, and expect teachers to provide teaching resources in the form of videos and electronic documents. On this basis, the authors developed an evaluation index system for blended learning according to the constituent factors of this teaching model, and designed a blended learning model for management courses through learning behavior analysis. The blended learning model was divided into three phases: pre-class, in-class, and after-class, and the online/offline teaching activities of teachers and students were detailed in each phase. To verify its application effect, the blended learning model was verified through comparative analysis from two aspects: learning behavior and learning effect. The results show that blended learning model achieves better learning participation, and teaching/learning effect than traditional teaching model, and helps to enhance the knowledge and comprehensive ability of the students. The research provides a reference for further research and application of blended learning in management courses, and boasts great theoretical and practical values.

Author Biography

Yang Liu, Chongqing Technology & Business Institute

Yang Liu received the master’s degree in business management from Chongqing University, China, in 2008. Since2008, she has devoted herself to the teaching and research of vocational education. Until now, she has presided over four related projects and published several papers on Cultivation of College Students' innovative ability and blended learning. Her research interest includes Cultivation of College Students' innovative ability and blended learning. E-mail:




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Liu, Y. (2021). Blended Learning of Management Courses Based on Learning Behavior Analysis. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 16(09), pp. 150–165.