Innovative Cardio Educational Software System in Support of Medical Education




educational software system, medical training, cardiology, data analysis, Mathematical analysis, Holter monitoring


The article presents an innovative software system that allows for processing and comparative analysis of biomedical data. The presented system uses real cardiological data obtained with modern medical devices - electrocardiography, continuous Holter monitoring, photoplethysmographic device, and others. The software system enables students studying at higher medical universities, majoring in cardiology to get acquainted and acquire skills for working with real cardiac records. The presented system allows the examination and use of cardiac recordings obtained using modern non-invasive technologies for research and procedures - modern electrocardiographic equipment, Holter-monitoring systems, photoplethysmographic devices. This will enable students to gain prior experience in working with real biomedical patient records. The presented software system together with the traditional training will help to increase the quality of modern education, will contribute to the acquisition of abilities, skills, and competencies necessary for future medical professionals.




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Georgieva-Tsaneva, G. N. (2021). Innovative Cardio Educational Software System in Support of Medical Education. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 16(22), pp. 221–228.



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