3D GIS Interactive Visualization of the Archaeological Sites in Qatar for Research and Learning





3D GIS, archaeology, culture heritage preservation, web-based information system, 3D visualization


This project provides a proficient approach to coordinate archeological ex-ercises, information administration, digital object representation, and spa-tial investigation. The proposed framework furnishes the client with the in-tuitive investigation of the 3D model artifacts along with detailed infor-mation on specific points of interest alongside their 3D geographic infor-mation system (3D GIS). A parallel result is the utilization of fully trans-parent and cost-effective open source tools and free software. The work ad-dressed the creation of a computerized system that aids classification, ad-ministration, and representation of archeological discoveries inside a 3D web-based repository; and the utilization of 3D digital models as a restora-tion of the artifacts to allow navigation through the data; besides enabling 3D GIS to spatially store, share, envision and examine complex archeologi-cal components; This work is one of the first of its type in Qatar to archive and record all of the archeological data from the Murwab site in Qatar.

Author Biography

Osama Halabi, Qatar University

Department of Computer Science and Engineering




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Halabi, O., Al-Maadeed, S., Puthern, M., Balakrishnan, P., & El-Menshawy, S. (2022). 3D GIS Interactive Visualization of the Archaeological Sites in Qatar for Research and Learning. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 17(01), pp. 160–178. https://doi.org/10.3991/ijet.v17i01.25933