Teachers' Perspective on Personal Learning Environments via Learning Management Systems Platform





In recent years, the landscapes of teaching and learning has changed because of the utilization of information and communications technologies. In this context, the most illustrative innovations are Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Personal Learning Environments (PLEs). Despite of the LMS and PLEs popularity in ed-ucational contexts as well as the expand set of tools and services that they offer to learners and teachers; they are still in fancy stages. In order to present the challenges Personal Learning Environments were presented; however, it is obvious that PLEs will not replace LMS. Therefore, both types of environments should coexist and interact. In this manner, the current study took teachers’ perspective on integrating the third generation LMS into PLEs. In addition, this study conducted to find out the teachers’ perspective on how the LMS could enhance PLEs in terms of planning before applying the PLE's; designing a framework in the PLE’s; imple-menting the PLEs; interacting in PLEs; managing the learning process through the PLEs and utilizing technolo-gy in PLEs. The participants of the study were 575 teachers who were selected randomly from Saudi Arabia schools. The findings of this study found that teachers must apply a positive teaching approach, holding that knowledge is composed upon student-to-student interaction as well as student-to-teacher interaction. Further-more, this study revealed that teachers must enterprise, deliver, and support K-12 online learning.




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Alserhan, S., & Yahaya, N. (2021). Teachers’ Perspective on Personal Learning Environments via Learning Management Systems Platform. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 16(24), pp. 57–73. https://doi.org/10.3991/ijet.v16i24.27433