Training and Educational Innovation: An Evaluative Perspective of the Digital Teaching Competence




Digital Teaching Competence, higher education, continuing teacher education, educational innovation


This article analyzes the assessment of the four development levels of the Digital Teaching Competence (DTC) to recognize the needs and formulation of challenges in training and educational innovation required in the pedagogical practices of university professors under the current context of the Covid-19 pandemic. The study used an empirical-analytical methodology with a non-experimental, transactional, descriptive design. The sample design was probabilistic, estimated with 95% confidence and 5% error among 252 teachers from various faculties of the University of La Guajira (Colombia). The selected instrument corresponded to the rubric's application to evaluate the university professor's digital teaching competence in Latin America. Among the study's significant results, we highlight that the rubric presented a high Cronbach's alpha reliability (α: 0.947). In the general assessment of DTC development, it was estimated that 78.2% of teachers are in the first two levels of DTC development assessment (Beginning and Middle). The evaluation rubric allows identifying challenges and opportunities that teacher training must address to advance the professional development of professors.

Author Biographies

Alba Ruth Pinto-Santos, University of La Guajira

Professor at the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the University of La Guajira, director of the InecTIC. Master in Educational Technology, Master in Educational Technology and Innovative Media in Education, PhD Student in Educational Technology at the UIB

Carlos Enrique George Reyes, Tecnologico of Monterrey

PhD in Education Sciences. Research Group on Strategic Approach to Educational Innovation, and teacher of Tecnologico of Monterrey

Omar Fernando Cortés-Peña, Sergio Arboleda University

PhD student in Psychology. Researcher at the Department of Psychology, Sergio Arboleda University.




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Pinto-Santos, A. R., George Reyes, C. E. ., & Cortés-Peña, O. F. . (2022). Training and Educational Innovation: An Evaluative Perspective of the Digital Teaching Competence. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 17(07), pp. 38–53.