A Semantic Representation of Online Teaching Business Process Architecture


  • Rana Yousef Associate professor in software engineering
  • Aseel Al-Anani
  • Rola Al-Khalid
  • Randa Al-Dallah
  • Lama Rajab




business process architecture, online teaching, semantic modeling, srBPA ontology, Riva method


A Business process architecture (BPA) is one of the significant assets in educational systems as it helps to understand and optimize educational processes by focusing on the key processes rather than the organizational specific details. The semantic, Riva-based business process architecture (srBPA) ontology is an abstract ontology that semantically conceptualizes the business process architecture’s components and the relationships between them. This ontology can be instantiated for a specific domain to provide a general semantic-based BPA for organizations working in that domain. This paper instantiates the srBPA ontology for online teaching to provide a general semantic architecture for online teaching process that can be used as a reference by educational systems. This ontology was evaluated for completeness by referring to the national quality standards for online teaching and online courses. The evaluation has revealed that all quality standards were covered in the instantiated ontology through the classes, individuals, attributes and semantic rules that were defined.




How to Cite

Yousef, R., Al-Anani, A., Al-Khalid, R., Al-Dallah, R., & Rajab, L. (2022). A Semantic Representation of Online Teaching Business Process Architecture. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 17(11), pp. 190–209. https://doi.org/10.3991/ijet.v17i11.29967