Level of Digital Teaching Competence on the Verge of the Post Pandemic





Digital competence, ICT, virtual education, university teachers


With the arrival of Covid-19, education at all levels had a 180° turn so our research has as its main objective to describe the level of digital competence in teachers after having experienced two years with digital competencies which will be evaluated by students, this research is descriptive, cross-sectional and correlational with a quantitative approach, with a sample of 1045 students from state and private universities who participated in the online survey, an evaluation instrument was used with 21 questions divided into 6 parts, resulting in Cronbach's Alpha optimal for its application in the Peruvian context, analyzing with different statistical tests resulting in significant values such as Bartlett's sphericity with Chi-square approximation (35573, 691) with gl. 210 and value of Sig. .000, in the Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin test (0.975) and with the goodness of fit test with the Chi-square 5922,091 with gl 189 and value of Sig. .000. Concluding that they should continue with the training to be updated and be prepared for any future event.




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Huamán-Romaní, Y. L., Carrasco Choque, F. ., Maquera-Flores, E.-A. ., Lázaro Guillermo, J. C. ., & Kuaquira Huallpa, F. . (2022). Level of Digital Teaching Competence on the Verge of the Post Pandemic. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 17(14), pp. 187–204. https://doi.org/10.3991/ijet.v17i14.31039