Influence of Quality Development Over College Students’ Entrepreneurial Competency


  • Juan Li
  • Wenjing Yang
  • Yin Xuan



quality development, entrepreneurship of college students, entrepreneurial competency


At present, the entrepreneurship of college students is rarely successfully. It is of great significance to reasonably evaluate college students’ entrepreneurial competency, and discuss how to improve their entrepreneurial performance. The existing studies only focus on specific jobs, and emphasize on theoretical research. There is little report on the empirical quantification and effective promotion of the evaluation model, or on the effects of quality development training. Therefore, this paper explores the influence of quality development over college students’ entrepreneurial competency. Firstly, the indices of college students’ entrepreneurial competency were examined under the effect of quality development. The research contents were combined with the features of the entrepreneurship of college students, the training requirements of quality development, and the current background of society, politics, and economics, producing a reasonable composite evaluation index system. Next, the composite weights of the evaluation indices were solved by the hierarchical structure model and dominant feature recognition model of college students’ entrepreneurial competency. On this basis, the dominant feature recognition model was established for college students’ entrepreneurial competency under quality development planning. Through experiments, the proposed evaluation index system was proved scientific, and the entrepreneurial competency was evaluated for an entrepreneurial team of college students.




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Li, J. ., Yang, W. ., & Xuan, Y. . (2022). Influence of Quality Development Over College Students’ Entrepreneurial Competency. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 17(11), pp. 297–311.