E-Learning and Personalized Learning Path: A Proposal Based on the Adaptive Educational Hypermedia System


  • Francesco Colace DIEM - University of Salerno
  • Massimo De Santo DIEM - University of Salerno
  • Luca Greco DIEM - University of Salerno




e-Learning, Adaptive Educative Hypermedia System, Computer-Assisted Education, Assessment


The E-Learning is becoming an effective approach for the improving of quality of learning. Many institutions are adopting this approach both to improve their traditional courses both to increase the potential audience. In the last period great attention is paid in the introduction of methodologies and techniques for the adaptation of learning process to the real needs of students. In this scenario the Adaptive Educational Hypermedia System can be an effective approach. Adaptive hypermedia is a promising area of research at the crossroads of hypermedia and adaptive systems. One of the most important fields where this approach can be applied is just the e-Learning. In this context the adaptive learning resources selection and sequencing is recognized as among one of the most interesting research questions. An Adaptive Educational Hypermedia System is composed by services for the management of the Knowledge Space, the definition of a User Model, the observation of student during his learning period and, as previously said, the adaptation of the learning path according to the real needs of the students. In particular the use of ontologyâ??s formalism for the modeling of the â??knowledge spaceâ? related to the course can increase the sharable of learning objects among similar courses or better contextualize their role in the course. This paper addresses the design problem of an Adaptive hypermedia system by the definition of methodologies able to manage each its components, In particular an original user, learning contents, tracking strategies and adaptation model are developed. The proposed Adaptive Educational Hypermedia System has been integrated in an e-Learning platform and an experimental campaign has been conducted. In particular the proposed approach has been introduced in three different blended courses. A comparison with traditional approach has been described and the obtained results seem to be very promising.




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Colace, F., Santo, M. D., & Greco, L. (2014). E-Learning and Personalized Learning Path: A Proposal Based on the Adaptive Educational Hypermedia System. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 9(2), pp. 9–16. https://doi.org/10.3991/ijet.v9i2.3211