E-learning-Oriented Software Architecture Design and Case Study


  • Peng Lu Northeast Dianli University
  • Xiao Cong College of Science, Northeast Dianli University
  • Dongdai Zhou Engineering & Research Center of E-learning, Northeast Normal University




Software Architecture, Component, Web Service, Framework


Nowadays, E-learning system has been widely applied to practical teaching. It was favored by people for its characterized course arrangement and flexible learning schedule. However, the system does have some problems in the process of application such as the functions of single software are not diversified enough to satisfy the requirements in teaching completely. In order to cater more applications in the teaching process, it is necessary to integrate functions from different systems. But the difference in developing techniques and the inflexibility in design makes it difficult to implement. The major reason of these problems is the lack of fine software architecture. In this article, we build domain model and component model of E-learning system and components integration method on the basis of WebService. And we proposed an abstract framework of E-learning which could express the semantic relationship among components and realize high level reusable on the basis of informationized teaching mode. On this foundation, we form an E-learning oriented layering software architecture contain component library layer, application framework layer and application layer. Moreover, the system contains layer division multiplexing and was not built upon developing language and tools. Under the help of the software architecture, we could build characterized E-learning system flexibly like building blocks through framework selection, component assembling and replacement. In addition, we exemplify how to build concrete E-learning system on the basis of this software architecture.

Author Biography

Peng Lu, Northeast Dianli University

Department of Media Technology and Communication




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Lu, P., Cong, X., & Zhou, D. (2015). E-learning-Oriented Software Architecture Design and Case Study. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 10(4), pp. 59–65. https://doi.org/10.3991/ijet.v10i4.4698