An Approach to Smart Study using Pen and Paper Learning




E-Learning, digital contents, smart pen, smart paper, learning management


With the emergence of new technologies the area of education is also growing very fast. By using new innovations teaching and learning has become technically very strong. Learning is becoming tech learning or e-learning. Educators and students are getting very smart and hence study and learning is also becoming smart. Maximum available learning systems don’t involve pen and paper based learning. Due to the emergence of ICTs in the learning atmosphere it doesn’t indicate that our traditional education methodologies have become outdated. Smart study is such a stage which allows students continue to learn in smart way by using smart pens and papers. Using smart paper and pen the contents written on the paper can be converted into digital format. Smart study using pen and paper is helpful for practicing handwriting in same traditional manner. This paper presents a smart study platform which combines work with printed and digital contents.

Author Biographies

Ahmad Tasnim Siddiqui, Taif University Taif Saudi Arabia

Department of Computer Science Lecturer

Mohd Muntjir, Taif University Taif Saudi Arabia

Department of Information Technology Lecturer




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Siddiqui, A. T., & Muntjir, M. (2017). An Approach to Smart Study using Pen and Paper Learning. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 12(05), pp. 117–127.