The Cognitive Dimension and Course Content Modeling: An Ontological Approach




Cognitive learning, Pedagogical approach, Ontological framework, Course-based learning environment


The recent advances in web-based educational technology, is providing diverse needs of e-learner and revolutionized the process of learning. However, how to enrich the student’s understandability and stimulate the learning behavior towards cognitive learning beyond simple lookup is still remaining as open research issue. To facilitate the effective learning process the technology has numerous ways of providing pedagogical assistance. The course content description based on the dimensions of psychological factors and Bloom’s taxonomy can help in presenting course material so as to reduce cognitive load and to influence the effective learning style. This paper examines various cognitive strategies and resource description metadata in a course-based learning environment. Finally, the researcher proposed an ontology-based metadata for modeling the course contents of web-based learning environment that supports cognitive prerequisites of the learner.

Author Biography

Kalla Madhusudhana, Teegala Krishna Reddy Engineering College (TKREC), Hyderabad, India.

Department of CSE, Associate Professor




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Madhusudhana, K. (2017). The Cognitive Dimension and Course Content Modeling: An Ontological Approach. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 12(05), pp. 181–188.



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