A Life-long Learning Recommender System to Promote Employability





recommender system, employability, analytics, job finding, skills analysis, life-long learning


Is my professional knowledge outdated? Do I have the skills needed for the new challenges of the society? What knowledge do I lack to qualify for a job I like? What universities can I address to get knowledge that improves my employment expectations? These are relevant questions that all employees have done in any moment of their life. In addition, when there are high rates of unemployment and job offers that keep unfilled, the answers to these questions are even more relevant. Answering such questions open new opportunities for employed and unemployed people, by allowing them to design a formative plan according to their skills and expectations. It also provides evidences to employers about the skills and knowledge of the society, making them more aware of the skills of their potential future employees. The companies also will have more knowledge to design the professional career of their employees according to the company needs and the knowledge and skills of their employees. This paper proposes a system that helps people by showing which knowledge and skills a person misses for a given job position and what university courses the person can take to acquire the required skills and knowledge. The system has been implemented as a recommender system that helps users in planning their life-long learning. The paper shows the architecture of the proposed system, a case study to explain how it works, a survey to validate its usefulness and usability and some conclusions after its first experimentation.




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Baneres, D., & Conesa, J. (2017). A Life-long Learning Recommender System to Promote Employability. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 12(06), pp. 77–93. https://doi.org/10.3991/ijet.v12i06.7166