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The International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy (iJEP) is an independent, peer-reviewed online journal. It serves as an international forum related to engineering education, published at present four times a year. Teachers, educators and researchers as well as schools and institutions are invited to discuss their research, experiences, ideas and perspectives in the field of engineering pedagogy at a worldwide level.


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iJEP Vol. 10, No. 5, 2020



Attention! Fraudulent Emails Circulating

Currently, many researchers receive a call for papers for iJEP, asking them to submit a paper via email.

Please note that iJEP does NOT accept submissions via email.

These are fake emails. In order to submit a paper to iJEP, please create an account on the journal homepage, don't forget to enrol yourself as author and submit your paper here.

Also, they send out fake letters of acceptance. If you want to know the status of your paper, please login to your journal account and check its status.
Posted: 2020-06-23
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Vol 10, No 5 (2020)

Table of Contents

Guest Editorial

Istvan Simonics
pp. 4-6

Special Focus Papers

Ildikó Holik, István Dániel Sanda
pp. 7-19
Ildikó Holik, István Dániel Sanda
pp. 20-33
Tamás Köpeczi-Bócz
pp. 34-48
Ibolya Tomory
pp. 49-61
Tamas Laszlo Kersanszki, Laszlo Nadai
pp. 62-76
Istvan Simonics, Andrea Hetzl
pp. 77-88


Erni Widarti, Suyoto Suyoto, Andi Wahju Rahardjo Emanuel
pp. 89-102
Dominikus Boli Watomakin, Albertus Joko Santoso, Suyotp Suyoto
pp. 103-115
Rishabh Reddy, Rishabh Singh, Vidhi Kapoor, Prathamesh P Churi
pp. 116-133